Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Music - Hollywood Undead

A quick album review of Hollywood Undead's latest album, Swan Songs, no dl links, though check the youtube link at the bottom of this post.

Having never heard of this band before, I was dubious about getting it, given the other comments about the album that I found around the web. People said everything from "this is disgusting" to "best album ever", which only means one thing, controversial. Which the album is, very much so, just search out the lyrics to "Everywhere I Go".

Some of the songs have generally good morals, not letting yourself get pushed around by authority etc. but others are just about carnage and house parties, so you get a pretty mixed bag. A bag I would like quite a lot if it weren't covered in songs about "loving LA", which is kind of like letting the fat kid with the ice cream getting his sticky fingers into a bag of your favourite marbles, very annoying and putting a slight taint on the rest of the bag's contents.

Still, the first track, Undead, is excellent, packing a heavy beat, catchy chorus and some sweet lyrics.
"You know I don't give f**k what you think or say!"

So if you like your rap/nu metal, or just wonder what the hell that is, I can recommend grabbing a copy and having a listen.

Said it was a short one didn't I ;)

The video below is one of my other favourite tracks from the album.

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