Monday, 8 March 2010


A new state of mind, a fresh start, a new blog.

Why not I say, I do plenty of cool stuff, I am on the internet for a good portion of my day, I have time to spare, so why not tell people about my life in a blog.

I mean, we all have facebook, some of us have twitter (I'm not one of them I might add), but I kinda want to share some more interesting and maybe deeper things than I can post on that kind of site, plus I want full control over my content presentation.

So what have I got to post you wonder, well, as and when I feel like it:
  • Recipes, things I've found on other sites and tried myself, complete with links to OP and my own comments, I do LOVE food
  • Comments (pseudo-reviews) on recent games, I play a fair few, online, solo and multiplayer and sometimes it's hard to sort through the mainstream sites to actually find good stuff
  • Music, either stuff I've discovered, tracks I've been sent, or on rare occasion, things I've tried to mix myself
  • Thoughts on all manner of topics, I tend to have a view on most things, so drop me a message and I'll share, and sometimes I may share without prompts based on random banter from my house
  • And lastly, random stuff that makes my life anything but mundane, caving trips, rock climbing, or my experiences with physics, whatever I happen to do and may be of interest
So there you go, I'd like to think I have something interesting to offer you, and through your feedback, I may learn a few things myself.

I'll close by simply saying;
I hope you find what I post interesting, tell me if it isn't, so grab the RSS feed, bookmark the page, tell your friends, and let's look to the future!

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