Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Game - Team Fortress 2

A game I avoided playing for a long time, TF2 has never really seemed like my kind of game, striking me as a twitch shooter like quake, which I hate.

But I've been wrong about things before, so I thought I'd check it out.

Overall verdict, it rules, and for a variety of different reasons.

Now generally I hate online gaming, the faggotry and obsessiveness of some people is unbearable, making the games unenjoyable and ruining the play experience. Or, you start playing a game, avoiding a mechanic you hate, only to realise that later on the game forces you to start playing with that method (offline games are guilty of this too).

TF2 fixes the latter by giving you the 9 classes, tailored to player types, and never forcing you to choose a class you hate (well, unless the server has a limit on types, but you still get another 8).

To give an example, love dicking people over randomly and hilariously?
Play a spy.

Like big guns and shooting them at everything that moves?
Play heavy.

Want to actually help your team?

So you see it can be quite cool where a different bunch of people come together and your team forms with representations from these classes based on the personalities of the players themselves.

I quite like playing the medic and helping out on the front line, retreating when near death to charge the uber, then helping someone in need at the last moment, and by doing so being a credit to the team, other people prefer to "rambo", usually getting themselves killed, but sometimes being skilled enough to actually do some damage, then they themselves being "credit to team".

Equally a spy can destroy troublesome engineer buildings, then becoming credit to team, and probably dead too.

Still, online gaming has flaws, and although this is a team game, and better than any other I've played, quite often people won't work as a team, and won't aim at the objectives, getting caught up in personal vendettas. I've seen 2 entire teams come head to head at a choke point and sit there and battle it out, leaving me to walk around the other way, which not a single person was watching, and start murdering them from behind.

Another common flaw apart from the "rambo" and "vendetta" types is when one of your teams sits and camps a location which is of no benefit to the team at that point, like sitting in the intel room, though the enemy are pinned in spawn, and their help is needed.

So you see there are still problem players, but to be honest, you get people like that in things like lazer quest and paintballing in real life, some people are just a bit retarded.

Moaning about noobs aside, TF2 has brought me hours of fun with my housemate Luke and our friend George, because gaming is always better when you have friends in the same room as you., we can watch each other's backs, combine pushes at the enemy, but actual playing aside, just banter and have a laugh.

This kind of gaming I more think as being a LAN game which has joined an online server, fun with friends, but with the added carnage of droves of other players, less as an online game with us being individual players on it.

Play TF2? When you see Foxtrot_YES on a sever, start running maggots.
Also, if you're a YES member, add the _YES tag to your name and be credit to clan.

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