Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Life - Heart Cake

I love my girlfriend, a lot. Anyone who knows me will probably be quite aware this is not a fact I keep well hidden.

So every now and again I do something/make something/cook something which has no real purpose other than to be overtly romantic.

With easter coming I was thinking of things to do; buy an easter egg, make an easter egg, make some chocolates or bake a cake. I was erring towards making an easter egg then I saw this http://goo.gl/vJfE

I decided it was time to bake.

I won't go through the exact details here, you can read those on the original site, but suffice to say it was the hardest thing I've ever made, I even made myself sit and watch tutorial videos on how to ice cakes (being quite willing to admit I am not an expert in this field, or at least wasn't before starting this project).

Yet through adversity, lots of burns, 6 loads of washing up and hours upon hours in the kitchen, I succeeded, and just to see the look on Louise's face, it was worth it.

Impressive no?

In addition to the recipe described on the earlier link, I also used some pink icing and some marzipan dogs (bought I'm afraid, but had I had more time, maybe...) to finish the cake off.

So why is it a heart cake? You painted a heart on top, wow.

Nope, this is why:

You cut it open, and it reveals a chocolate cake heart.

The original recipe had a red heart in the middle, but I didn't want to use all that food colouring, and I know Louise loves chocolate, so this worked a lot better.

So go and try it yourselves if you too want to:

  1. Impress a loved one
  2. Start a massive project which will use 2 days
  3. Have a cake with over 12500 calories
  4. Make something which weighs 3kg in total
Did I mention you also get to eat all the offcuts, or in Luke's case, make them into another cake:

Pro indeed.

Peace out guys, and have a cool easter.

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