Thursday, 17 June 2010

TOA - The First Winter

Winter set as the traders arrived, two caravans full of goods, heavily guarded and pulled by four mules, their journey across the mountain was tough, but upon seeing the entrance to the fort their eyes widened with joy, for soon they would have warmth and shelter.

They had come all the way from Tosid Igath so when they arrived, a fine barrel of Prickle Berry wine was brought to them, brewed by the master brewer as soon as the still had been built 7 months previous. Refreshed, they set to business immediately, not wanting to be snowed in for the season, offering clothing, armor and weapons for our gems and crafts.

But unfortunately Alath Evudakrul had been ill of late and had only one jet ring to offer alongside the uncut gems that had been extracted from the rock. Some wine and beer was brought forward as well, along with a crossbow that one of the dwarves had brought with him but no one had the skills to use. The traders were disappointed by the poor selection of goods, but they were assured that next visit there would be crafts a plenty, made from bone, rock and gems. The deal was made, and they began to pack up and leave.

Olin Olinulol took apprenticeship under Alath to make the crafts for next season and was discovered to have a natural talent for the art of crafting. Not a month after he started he made a masterpiece necklace from cow bone and presented it to Alath for his approval. With a tear in his eye, Alath praised him for his work, and said his training was complete, the best apprentice he had ever had, and left him the workshop. Soon the world would speak wonders of the crafts of Olin of The Righteous Picks!

Winter has also come in full force, the lower areas are mostly fine for the moment, nothing more than a thin film of ice on the brook, but the lakes near the fort are frozen solid. The dwarves know not what to make of this fact so tentatively place a pillar of rock in the center of the nearest lake, wondering what will happen when the ice thaws.

There is bad news from the farms as well, no plump helmet seeds can be found to plant, unless they have been misplaced, the fortress may have to rely on foraging and their few remaining animals until more can be procured. This is not helped by the roach infestation which has sprung up in the food stores, hopefully the traders will bring cats with them next time they visit. This winter may be hard on the fort.

But there is some good news, the mysterious lever room has been completed by the chief mechanic, his motives unknown to all and all the levers made from the darkest jet, but an accomplishment none the less; and the bedrooms have been finished, sleeping for 24 dwarves, the stones are just being smoothed then engravings will be added recounting the history of the mountainhomes.

Next - Spring and then great design...

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