Friday, 18 June 2010

TOA - The Cold Winter

Winter has fallen again, much more so than last year, snow covers the ground, the water sources are frozen solid, and the sheriff of the fort has gone mad.

Zan had removed herself from society for a while, not telling anyone what was happening, but it seems that she had a desire to make something, most likely clothing or a glass item based on her skills, but lacked the workshop. If only she had told someone then the miners could have built anything she desired! The fool! Now she has lost her mind and runs around trying to gather equipment but being unable to carry it as she is too insane, poor soul.

Her condition is worsening as time passes, she now stands by the armor rack, grabbing and dropping warhammers, trying to do combat drills by herself. Beside her stand her 2 wardogs, faithful as always, hopefully if she becomes dangerous, they will be enough to stop her, as it stands, she is locked in the training room alone with them.

A long week has passed, the new farmlands are under construction, but still Zan is mad, the outlook is grim, yet the militia refuses to put her out of her misery just yet, she was a good friend to them.

The stone stores from the top of the shaft are being moved to the surface, an effort to allow the shaft to be cleared faster once building resumes, the preparations are now complete.

But wait, more migrants! This bring the fort up to 52 dwarves, a fine stronghold indeed! But new dwarves means more food need, more bedrooms to be dug, more beds to be made, it will be a slow process, but once it is complete, more workers for the dig, rejoice!

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