Thursday, 17 June 2010

TOA - Departure

#Note TOA = Tales Of Aristlitast#

After the departure from the mountainhomes, the brave explorers came to a valley with a brook flowing through it, steep cliffs were broken up by 2 large plateaus, one in the south at the level of the water, and another in the north set 15 ft higher. The upper plateau had trees and plants a plenty so they crossed the river and climbed the banks and there they would strike the earth to afford shelter for the coming winter, and to found their new home.

The digging was hard work through solid kaolinite and magnetite but the miners pressed on, supported by the rest of the dwarves bringing them booze and food from the limited stocks they had with them. Once the upper layers had been excavated, the supplies were moved inside, and a grand stone pile was made outside the entrance, it's purpose at the moment unknown, but it will surely be useful in future years.

Logging and foraging began until the farming area had been cleared of boulders, but a preparatory channel was dug from a nearby lake to irrigate the soil once the area was ready. The masons and carpenters were soon to work making doors and mechanisms to defend the fort, and building barrels to store the food and booze. Supplies were now at a low and the farmland would need to be ready soon else the dwarves would have to work hungry.

The farmland was sealed and the channel opened, water gushed into the chamber and spread perfectly over the area, the planning was done well, and the dwarves in charge would eat like kings as their reward. A wall was built to prevent any further influx of water in case of heavy rain, and the seeds were sown, the plump helmets would be numerous and all would eat well soon.

The miners, now better supplied, dug out the workshops and stores and a small still was constructed, the fort was taking shape. The area was being cleared constantly by the remaining dwarves, eager to have places to rest and eat, and so the fort took shape.

The dogs who had come on the journey had given birth to 6 wonderful puppies, the parents were trained into powerful war dogs to protect their young and the whole fort, their might equal to that of 2 men each and their loyalty, unwavering. An upper floor with the entrance was expanded via a passage a layer down to include a trade depot and dining room, the entrance itself was rigged with cages and rock fall traps to protect the fort from thieves and wild animals. The layer below which connected the depot and entrance was also home to the workshops and stores, where many dwarves were hard at work preparing for the traders which might visit, and in the far end was home to the farm. The final, lowest, layer of the fort was home to the bedrooms and offices, fine places for the hard working men and women to sleep.

And so the fort was ready, self sustained and productive, Aristlitast was founded!

Next - Winter falls and 2 trade caravans arrive at the same time...

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